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Based on the New Letter Grading System, we have brought the Class 10 SEE GPA Calculator tool for class 10 SEE Students. With the help of the Class 10 SEE GPA calculator tool, students can easily calculate their GPA marks without any calculation error problems. Class 10 SEE GPA Calculator provides accurate data provided by the students.

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In February 2023, 2016, the Ministry of Education, Nepal introduced the New Letter Grading System for Grades I-XII. This year’s letter grading system was implemented in the Class 10 SEE exam. To get a pass, students must score at least 35 out of 100 full marks.

According to the letter grading system, if students secure at least 35 marks, NG (Non-Graded) will be mentioned in the certificate, and they will not be allowed to study in class 11 or any higher education if they fail any subject. Read More

Why Class 10 SEE GPA Calculator?

This class 10 SEE GPA Calculator is a free tool to calculate Class 10 student’s Grade Point Average with the help of the subject credit hours, Grade points, etc. This Class 10 SEE GPA Calculator includes the following features.

  • Easy and User-friendly interface
  • Accurate data
  • Provides quick access to GPA points with remark
  • Allow users to select any subject

Letter Grading System

S.NPercentagesGPAGrade PointDescription
1.90 to 100A+3.6 – 4.0Outstanding
2.80 to 90A3.2 – 3.6Excellent
3.70 to 80B+2.8 – 3.2Very Good
4.60 to 70B2.4 – 2.8Good
5.50 to 60C+2.0 – 2.4Satisfactory
6.40 to 50C1.6 – 2.0Acceptable
7.35 to 40D+1.6Basic
8.Below 35NG Below 1.6Non Graded