Apple Vision Pro – Price, Design, Display, Performance

Apple Vision Pro

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro AR/VR is the official product of Apple Company. Apple Vision Pro AR/VR is cutting-edge technology that combines augmented reality, and virtual reality to create immersive experiences, being developed by Apple Inc.  It combines virtual reality with the real world, so you can interact with digital stuff in your actual surroundings. You can use hand movements, eye tracking, and even talk to it to control what you see. It’s a standalone device that runs on special software called visionsOS. You’ll be able to buy it in early 2024 in the US. It bound a range of hardware and software solutions designed to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content. By seamlessly blending the virtual and real world, Apple Vision Pro AR/VR opens up new possibilities across various industries.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Before exploring Apple Vision Pro AR/VR technology, it is essential to understand the advancements that have covered the way for such innovations. Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a technology that creates a computer-generated world that feels real and enables users to explore and interact with it. Individuals can engage by wearing specialized headsets and utilizing motion sensors, which immerse them in the virtual world rather than the real one. The virtual world can comprise fictional realms or be based on real locations, offering users a wide range of experiences, from fantastical adventures to simulations of real-life situations. On the Other hand,  AR overlays digital information onto the real world, enhancing our perception and interaction with the environment. AR overlays computer-generated images, videos, or 3D models onto the real environment, typically viewed through a smartphone, tablet, or AR glasses.

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Enclosure and Design

The enclosure of Apple Vision Pro features an aluminum alloy frame that gracefully curves, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit while ensuring a precise fit, thanks to the Light Seal that blocks out stray light. The Head Band provides cushioning, breathability, and adjustability, allowing users to customize according to his/her preferences.
Apple Vision Pro Design


The Apple Vision Pro has an amazing display that is known for its exceptional visual quality. It has a high-resolution screen that shows images and videos with great clarity and brightness. The display system used in the Apple Vision Pro utilizes a custom micro-OLED technology with an impressive 23 million pixels, resulting in breathtaking resolution and vibrant colors. The display accurately reproduces colors, which is beneficial for professionals like graphic designers, photographers, and artists who require precise color representation in their work. Apple Vision Pro offer a higher pixel count than a 4K TV for each eye. Moreover, it contain three-element lens lens to creates a sensation of having a display that encompasses your entire field of vision.
Apple Vision Pro Display

Advanced Cameras and Sensors

Apple Vision Pro is equipped with an array of advanced cameras and sensors that work in harmony to provide users with a clear view of the world. These cameras and sensors enable users to perceive their environment with exceptional clarity, facilitating seamless interaction through hand inputs. Whether you’re exploring virtual landscapes or engaging with augmented reality applications, Apple Vision Pro ensures an immersive and intuitive experience.

Use of Apple Vision Pro

With Apple Vision Pro, your digital workspace takes on a whole new dimension. Unleash your productivity and unlock limitless possibilities with the ability to arrange and scale apps to your heart’s content. Whether you’re browsing the web in Safari, jotting down notes in the intuitive Notes app, or seamlessly transitioning between various applications with a glance, Apple Vision Pro offers an infinite canvas for you to create the workspace of your dreams.

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Entertainment: Your Personal Theater

Imagine transforming any room into your very own personal theater. Apple Vision Pro brings this vision to life, offering an immersive entertainment experience that surpasses traditional mediums. With the ability to expand movies, shows, and games to the perfect size, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the action. Spatial Audio further enhances the experience, allowing you to feel like an integral part of the content, whether you’re on a long flight or relaxing on your couch at home.
Apple Vision Pro Use in Entertainment: Your Personal Theater

Photos and Videos: Relive Cherished Moments

Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes the way we capture and relive memories. With its built-in 3D camera, you can capture spatial photos and videos that transport you back to those special moments. These immersive captures are complemented by Spatial Audio, which breathes new life into your memories, making you feel like you’re right there again. Take a journey through your existing photo and video library like never before and rediscover the magic of reliving cherished moments.
Photos and Videos: Relive Cherished Moments

Price & Availability

The starting price for Apple Vision Pro is $3,499 in the United States. Apple will release it early next year on the official Apple website and at Apple Store locations in the U.S. It will be available in more countries later next year. Customers will have the opportunity to learn about, try out, and customize their fit for Vision Pro at Apple Store locations. For More Information vist here:

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Limitations of Apple Vision Pro

While Apple Vision Pro AR/VR holds tremendous potential, there are some challenges and limitations to consider. These include:

  • Cost: Apple Vision Pro can be expensive, limiting its accessibility to a wider audience.
  • Technical Barriers: Creating high-quality AR/VR content requires specialized knowledge and skills, posing a barrier for content creators.


Apple Vision Pro redefines spatial computing and elevates the way we interact with digital content. With its seamless integration of the physical and virtual worlds, advanced cameras and sensors, immersive displays, and Spatial Audio, it truly represents the future of mixed reality. From enhancing productivity to creating personal theaters and reliving memories, Apple Vision Pro unlocks a world of possibilities. Experience the next frontier of spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro and embark on a transformative journey where the boundaries between the real and the virtual blur.

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Q1: Can I wear Vision Pro with my prescription glasses?
Yes, Vision Pro is designed to accommodate most prescription glasses comfortably. However, it’s advisable to try them on at an Apple Store for a personalized fitting.

Q2: What apps can I use with Vision Pro?
Vision Pro supports a wide range of apps across various categories, including productivity, entertainment, and communication. App developers are continually exploring the possibilities of this new platform, ensuring a growing selection of compatible apps.

Q3: Does Vision Pro require external power?
Ans: Vision Pro comes with an external battery that supports up to 2 hours of use. For extended usage, it can be plugged in throughout the day, providing all-day functionality.

Q4: Is Vision Pro compatible with Apple’s ecosystem?
Yes, Vision Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple’s ecosystem, including macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, allowing users to leverage the interconnectedness of their Apple devices.

Q5: Can Vision Pro be used for gaming?
Absolutely! Vision Pro offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, enhancing the visuals and audio to transport users into their favorite games like never before.

Q6. How much is Apple Vision Pro?
The starting price for Apple Vision Pro is $3,499 in the United States.

Q7. What is the price of Apple Vision Pro in Nepal?
Currently the starting price of Apple Vision Pro is $3,499 in United States, the expected price of Apple Vision Pro in Nepal is Rs. 461,999 (Converted price).

Q8. Which is better Apple Visio Pro or Meta Quest?
Apple Vision Pro does better than the Meta Quest because Vision Pro’s 3D mapping system, as well as the display, give good results.

Image & Video Source: Apple official website and Youtube channel